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Our Goal is to Help You Realize Your Vision of a Better Story

At Sarah Keimig Developmental & Content Editing Services, we focus on helping authors achieve better thematic accuracy and stronger cohesion for both individual stories and their series overall.

Developmental & Content Editing Services

Whether you are preparing to write your next book, looking to dive into a new series, or looking for fresh eyes on your completed manuscripts, our editorial services will support you in your mission to enthrall your audiences and captivate your readers.

Your characters are critical to your story’s success. We aid in ensuring that they meet their mark and captivate readers by reviewing for character staleness, out-of-character changes, and intra-series accuracy.

We understand how engrossed in the story you as an author become during the writing process. Our goal is to review and identify scenarios, scenes, and overall plot-line issues that are either unrealistic or untrue to the chosen theme.

One of the biggest challenges you face as an author, especially if you write multi-book series, is continuously verify that your new books align with characters, environments, and plot points utilized in previous books. Our developmental editing process allows us to quickly and efficiently review your new material and compare it against your previous works to identify inaccuracies or deviations that may need correction.